Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall…..

… Who’s the fairest of them all? Why it’s THIS NEW BEAUTY that Miles has designed.   The Loopie Mirror The Loopie Mirrors are a real statement piece for the modern interior. Simple… Continue reading

“HYGGE” – Our Secret Weapon

You may have heard of the term before, either from knowing someone Danish or from buying a “Hygge Candle” (which smell heavenly). The word “Hygge” doesn’t translate into English easily. Some have written definitions… Continue reading


Wool, sheepskin, sheep coat; what ever you like to call it; is one of the oldest and most functional textile fabrics. Here are a few facts about wool that you may not know:… Continue reading

Mormor’s Pepparkakor

Mormor’s Pepparkakor means “Grandmother’s Gingerbread Cookies” in Swedish. Every year, depending on where we were (in the UK or Sweden for Christmas), my family will make these without fail. There’s something incredibly comforting… Continue reading

DIY Christmas Decorations

As you know, we love Pinterest. It’s a wonderful place for inspiration and ideas, especially for special occasions, like Christmas. We’ve put together a list of our favourite DIY Christmas ideas that anyone… Continue reading


WOW, how time flies when you are working hard!! Ella’s been busy completing some gorgeous bespoke orders, including this measuring spoon commission for a return customer who is a self confessed foodie! With… Continue reading

Awards, Awards, Awards!

Amazing news! Matteo (our fabulous interior designer) and his team won 2 awards at the International Property Awards 2014! They won awards for: Best Office Interior, London 5 stars and Best Office Interior… Continue reading

The Santiago Collection

Introducing the Santiago Collection! Elegantly turned components are the basis of this collection. The forms of the legs give a nod to the traditional cabriole style. Crisp edges of surfaces juxtapose the visual… Continue reading

3 Things You Realise When Building A New Business

You’ve got friends who’ve started their own businesses and 3 years down the line, they’re doing really well. You see the rewards they’re reaping and it sounds wonderful. The time comes where that… Continue reading

Catching Up With The ContemporaryLab Gang

So this year was our first visit to Design Junction and it was SUCH a good show! We’re big fans of Tent London, as that’s where we did our first ever exhibition. However,… Continue reading