Catching Up With The ContemporaryLab Gang

So this year was our first visit to Design Junction and it was SUCH a good show! We’re big fans of Tent London, as that’s where we did our first ever exhibition. However, lots of the team had now chosen to head over to Design Junction, so we went for a quick look too.

photo 5-1

photo 1

It was so, so lovely catching up with the gang, some who we hadn’t seen for a good year (as we live in opposite ends of the country). Nel and Anthony were as happy and smiley as always, Liam was looking wonderful behind his pop up desk and the Psalt boys were their cheeky, happy old selves too.

photo 1-1

photo 3

photo 3-1

We took some snaps of their stands as their new work was just STUNNING and definitely needed some showing off.

photo 4-2

photo 5

photo 3-2

photo 4-1

photo 2-2

All in all, a fabulous exhibition, fantastically curated and a dream venue. Design Junction, hats off to you. Very well done, we’re sold!

You can find these new products in the shop: