3 Things You Realise When Building A New Business

Photo by Matthew Kang

Photo by Matthew Kang

You’ve got friends who’ve started their own businesses and 3 years down the line, they’re doing really well. You see the rewards they’re reaping and it sounds wonderful.

The time comes where that brilliant idea that’s been sitting in your mind is now something you can turn into a reality and you decide to go for it – with all your heart. This is the moment. This is your new journey, your new business.

It’s really, really exciting!

However, there are definitely some things that come a little unexpectedly. This blog post is mainly about insight. Insight into what can and a lot of the time what does happen when building a new business. Take one thing away after reading this blog post: Awareness. Awareness that these things could soon be happening and therefore by knowing about the possibilities, you can plan for them / look into how you might need to deal with them / manage them with your current lifestyle.

So here we go! Three things you don’t realise until you start building a new business.

1) Hours.

9 to 5 doesn’t exist. Neither do weekends. Neither do bank holidays or even sometimes, your birthday or Christmas. Building your new business is building your livelihood and that means you will work longer hours than you ever imagined you could. You will spend months working on building networks where there is no tangible reward (a.k.a – money). However! Your unpaid efforts WILL pay off in the long run, so just keep going and keep building strong entrepreneurial links with people. Create opportunities and you’ll be skipping all the way to the bank soon enough.

2) Sleep.

Your new venture will sometimes make you feel like you travel the world for business – your body clock will be turned upside down. One week you’ll be working in UK time, and the next, Aussie time. It’s almost 100% guaranteed that you’ll spend an entire night awake because you need to get your product launch ready / finish a piece of work for a client / get your p.r. done so you can spend the rest of the week on another important piece of work……. it’s relentless and you will crash, a lot. BUT! There’s a lot of work to be done and you need to do it. Our advice here. Make sure you plan your days out well to optimise your time and try to take at least one weekend off every 2-3 weeks (it will be hard). No one likes being overworked – even if you are your own boss!

3) Your Partner.

If you’re lucky – you and your partner might be doing this together. If that’s the case, at least you both understand how much work there is that needs to be done. If like the majority of us, your partner is a 9 to 5 employee somewhere local – they’re going to get really frustrated, angry, peeved and just full on “moany”. You will be working opposite shifts sometimes (if not the majority of the time) and thats no fun for the person who has “free time” (which will be your partner). So, our advice if you have a 9-5 partner: Plan “must do” routines into you days. For example – no matter what you are doing, you MUST sit down to eat together or you MUST walk the dog together. If you don’t make some time “couple time” – you won’t be a couple for much longer.

So, be aware, plan ahead, recognise when these things might be approaching and take action! Make sure you don’t a) permanently crash from being overworked, b) constantly be working in Aussie time and c) end up single. Building your business is building your life but we all want a long, happy and healthy life with someone we love by our side. Keep that in mind and you’ll find the balance you need.