DIY Christmas Decorations

As you know, we love Pinterest. It’s a wonderful place for inspiration and ideas, especially for special occasions, like Christmas.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite DIY Christmas ideas that anyone can do at home. For us, the theme here is simplicity. Simplicity = style!

We all love our Christmas trees, but what if we’ve already got one in the house but fancy jazzing up another room too?


Another alternative is to have some smaller pine tree twigs in a pretty mason jar. This will look just as festive as having mini Christmas trees dotted around the house. How about trying this for your desk at work too?


Christmas Presents! How about this year, instead of buying lots of sparkly papers, you make your own wrapping paper. This is a lovely idea. Simply place your brown paper (available from pretty much everywhere) on the floor, dot some white paint over some of it to get that “snowy effect”; wrap your gift up and finish it with some simple black cord and a teeny tiny pine tree branch (or whatever else takes your fancy). Beautiful.


Candles. They’re a must at Christmas time. We really loved this idea of wrapping cinnamon sticks around a chunky candle. It’s not cheap to do but it does make your home smell gorgeous. Instead of cinnamon, you could try twigs – your candles will look just as festive. How about a Holly stem tucked into the bow too?

Another alternative is to simply fill a white ramekin with few pine cones. Very Scandinavian.



Decorations, decorations; they’re our favourite. We particularly loved the simplicity of these cute Cord Christmas trees. Simply roll up some card into a cone shape, trim the bottom edge so they stand up straight. Cover them in PVA and wrap some brown string around to finish. Cute.

DIY Twine Wrapped Christmas Trees with #diy #christmastrees

If you’ve already got your cinnamon sticks or twigs for your candle ready, how about making some little Christmas tree decorations too? These stars are really lovely and don’t just have to hang on your tree. You could hang them in your window, attach them to your wreath on your front door. The possibilities are endless. They are simple, easy to make but still look the business.


Fairy Lights. Another MUST HAVE during the festive season. A very simple way of using lights to “cosy-up” your abode is to place them in a large mason jar or lantern. You can pop in some pine cones too. Fairy lights will always work with wood, pine cones and pine needles, so use them to your hearts content!


Decorating your front door. We all love wreaths, they’re a classic. How about something a little different this year, like hanging pine cones, wrapped in hessian bow from your outside light? Very easy and inexpensive to do at home.