“HYGGE” – Our Secret Weapon

You may have heard of the term before, either from knowing someone Danish or from buying a “Hygge Candle” (which smell heavenly).

The word “Hygge” doesn’t translate into English easily. Some have written definitions of what we can understand it to be, such as the following:

In simple terms, “Hygge” (pronounced HYUgah) means “to enjoy and relish the moment”; whatever that might be. A family meal, sitting down to read your favourite book, enjoying cuddling your pet. It’s that warm feeling you get inside from enjoying that moment, right then and there.

Many people claim it’s this culture that makes the Danish the happiest people on Earth.  I’m in agreement with that, for sure.

However, funnily enough, the word actually originated from Norway and translated to mean “wellbeing”. We might interpret this as “physical wellbeing” but Scandinavians (myself included) actually accept “Hygge” to mean “mental wellbeing and peace of mind”.

I personally feel like with so much technology around us, the pace of life is sometimes too fast and we lose ourselves – missing so many chances to relish the now.

Why are we always rushing? What for? For us? Surely not, as that frame of mind is nothing but stressful.

Try adopting a sense of “Hygge” in your life. Slow down, take the time to feel, to see, to love, to live.